“Without Showcamp, my dreams of performing and dance would not have been a reality. I am proud to say I am currently majoring in dance because of delving into performing arts as a child and I thank showcamp for being that conductor which began it all.” – Kevin Zambrano

ShowCamp was always the highlight of my summer. From tap dance to choral singing, the skills I learned at ShowCamp gave me the confidence to audition for other groups like show choir in high school and an a cappellla group in college. These experiences have been enriching in countless ways and my experiences at ShowCamp laid the foundation for it all.” – Danny Reed

“I am a former student of Darrell and Jenny. They are both remarkable in what they do. I have not found a dance studio or group that puts on the caliber of shows as they do…” –Kevin Martin

“My 3 children have grown up being part of the Showcamp family and they love it and look forward to the summer camps each year. Thanks to Jenny, Gina & Darrell for giving the children a fantastic place to explore their performing urges and learn so many new skills. It’s fantastic” – Krevis Joe

“LIFE CHANGING!!!  We were having a tough time finding a place that would accommodate our son, who uses a wheelchair.  With Jenny, Darrell and Gina, it wasn’t even an issue.  It’s one of the many reasons kids return year after year to this great group, where everyone is given a chance to hone their skills…and to SHINE!!!  Before it’s over, our son’s already talking about coming back!  It’s the BEST!!! ”
—Michelle Massie

“ShowCamp is not just any theatrical camp, it is a family that we are blessed to be a part of!” -Jill Marie Adams

“The staff at ShowCamp are friendly, courteous and show a genuine passion towards helping children fulfill their artistic talents and dreams. The arts for myself has been more valuable than any currency.”  – Ric Linville

“This was our first experience with ShowCamp and it was the best time ever…from beginning to end. What the Bishops accomplished in 11 days with 45 participants is remarkable. This will be a yearly event as a student and an observer. Worth every effort and expense… a must do for your children!” – Carol Summers

“Oh my goodness! This is so much fun. ShowCamp is a place for anyone who loves to perform! Jenny and Darrell care so much for each individual- ShowCamp is like a family. We laugh a lot- and get a lot done. Come to ShowCamp this summer- you won’t regret it!” -Megan Labus

“My daughter’s love ShowCamp so much that they are already sad that it’s coming to an end!! This is their 4th year at ShowCamp and I have no doubt they will be back again next year!” -Lisa Linder Silver

“It is amazing and inspiring to watch these kids grow in confidence and work ethic and joy—best instructors I’ve ever seen!!!”
-Pamela Pouliot

“ShowCamp reminds me of the old Girl Scouts song – “make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold” I love that these kids come back to together every summer no matter where they are the rest of the year!” – Brandy Ann Carrillo