General ShowCamp Enrollment FAQ

What is ShowCamp?

ShowCamp is a non profit organization dedicated to performing arts education and production.

What is the difference between a “Class” program and a “Performance” program?

ShowCamp classes provide a solid foundation for the musical theater performer. Proper technique and terminology is introduced and developed at every age and ability level. The focus of these classes are on the development of the individual. A Showcamp performance program provides a professional learning experience through auditions and rehearsals. Even though a Showcamp production is an opportunity to showcase the growth and development of students, it is not a recital. The focus of the Show Program is on the production.  While auditions are not required for particpation, the casting of principal and featured roles are determined from auditions at the discretion of the artistic staff.

How much does it cost to participate?

Tuition varies with each class and/or performance program. Please see the ShowCamp registration information for current programs and rates.

What is included in the fee?

For a Class program: materials and supplies needed for each designated course of study.

For the Show Program: Each cast member receives a music folder, a rehearsal CD, an audition evaluation, and a photo to be used in promotional materials.

What other Show Program cost can I possibly expect?

This is not an all inclusive list, but it will give you an idea of what you could expect.

Costume fee: Can range from $0 – $75, depending on the show and the character.

Show Tickets: Can range from $10-$20, depending on the performance venue.

Stage Make up: Basic theater make up kits range from $15-$25.

Photos: optional

Show DVD: optional

Cast Party: optional

Does ShowCamp have a scholarship program?

The mission of ShowCamp includes a commitment to provide assistance to those families with financial needs.  Scholarship applications are available for all ShowCamp summer programs. The amount of the financial assistance awarded is usually a 50% reduction in tuition and is contingent on the amount of funds generated through donations and sponsorships that have been designated specifically for the scholarship program.

What is the ShowCamp refund policy in the summer?

Before June 1: Full refund

After June 1: Partial refund ($50 cancellation fee)

After a program begins: No refund

Does ShowCamp offer a sibling discount?

Yes, the second child in a family receives a $25 discount.

What does “volunteer-driven organization” mean?

It means that we value volunteers and we need you! As a non-profit organization we must keep ever increasing production costs to a minimum. There are many ShowCamp volunteer opportunities to suit every schedule and skill. Parents, working under the guidance of a volunteer coordinator and the ShowCamp staff, often take on the following jobs:

COSTUMES: Assist costume designers with taking measurements, assigning, approving, and constructing

costumes and accessories, gather pieces fromn thrift stores, and rent costumes as needed.

PROGRAM: Design, layout, and publish show playbill. Schedule cast photos, collect bios, and solicit ads.

PROPS: Gather or create required props from directors list.

SET CONSTRUCTION: Build the set pieces and backdrops for the show.

PAINTING: Paint the sets and flats.

STAGE CREW: Assist stage managers, work backstage moving sets and scenery.

CHAPERONE: Supervise cast backstage and in dressing rooms.

USHER: Welcome and direct audience to their seats.

CONCESSIONS: Gather and display refreshments to be sold during show intermission.

PUBLICITY: Write and distribute press releases, posters and flyers.

TICKET SALES: Organize show box office and coordinate online ticket sales.

VIDEO: Capture and edit the performance on video.

Still have questions?

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