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ShowCamp, Inc. is a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to providing arts education and performance opportunities to children. Originating as a summer program for the Burbank Unified School District in 2000, ShowCamp has evolved into an artistic community of students, instructors, business partners, and professionals working together to make arts accessible to all. At ShowCamp, we believe the arts play an important part of a child's development offering them opportunities to create, express, discover, and explore themselves and the world in which they live. ShowCamp School Programs are based on the guiding principle that the arts are core subjects, each containing a distinct body of knowledge and skills. ShowCamp is currently taking bookings for workshops, sessions, and residencies for the 2008 - 2009 school year.

Age : Grades K - 12
ShowCamp programs are designed to be age appropriate and correspond to grade level curriculum.

Duration : Programs can be scheduled in 6-week workshops, 9-week sessions, or 12-week residencies. Most in-school workshops are 45-60 minutes, and after school programs are 60 - 90 minutes.

Max # of Students :
In-School Programs : 35 + classroom teacher
Education-school_program-1 After School Programs : 50 students + school representative

Space Requirements : A gymnasium, cafeteria, or auditorium stage.

Tech Requirements : A sound system or CD player, a dry erase board, and a piano (for music).

Available Dates : October through May

Fees : In-school Programs: $100 per class (min. 3 classes) After School Programs: $10 per student per week (min. 30 students)

All ShowCamp Programs meet the Content Standards for California Public Schools

6 Week
9 Week
12 Week
Dance Dance Appreciation, Technique, Creative Movement, Styles, and Choreography Add:
Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical OR Multicultural Dance
A Dance Recital Performance
Music Music Appreciation, Styles, Pitch, Rhythm, Singing, and the language of music Add:
Musical Instruments OR The Evolution of Music
A Choral Concert Performance
Theater Theatre Appreciation, Imagination, Communication, Concentration and Observation Add:
Comedy, Improvisation OR Story telling
A Dramatic/Comedy Performance
Multiple Disciplines n/a Dance & Music,
Theatre & Dance,
or Musical Theatre
A Musical Theatre Production

Also…..ShowCamp offers exciting 1 day Musical Theatre programs for school choirs!
ShowCamp clinics motivate your group, inspire teamwork, and develop vocal, dance, and performance skills.

To schedule a school program contact Darrell Bishop, ShowCamp Education Director.

ShowCamp, Inc.
(818) 415-7393

A ShowCamp education provides a solid foundation for the young musical theatre performer. Proper techniques and terminology are introduced and developed at every age and ability level. Offering year round classes, workshops, school programs, and performance opportunities, ShowCamp creates an environment in which students have the freedom to explore and discover their talents and become a member of the artistic community.